Am I losing transplanted hair? Grafts/Hair along-with scabs coming off after 6-7 days post Hair Transplant Surgery (FUE) (Photo)

I had hair transplant just 7 days back. Today I was gently massaging (circular motion) the implanted area with my finger tips , I found few scabs falling from my head. On looking closely I found some hair encapsulated in them too. I heard that transplanted hair starts falling off 2-6 weeks, but its been only a week with me. Could it mean that I am losing my transplanted hair ? What is the safe number of days after which a patient need not to worry even if hair falls off with scab ?

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Graft shedding at 7 days

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This is normal for almost everyone having a hair transplant. Just follow your doctors instructions and wait for it all to grow

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Losing Hair 6 Days After Hair Transplant

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The transplanted hair are prone to being pulled and removed permanently within the first 4 days.  However, if you take care of them and wash meticulously in the first 4-5 days they will be healed and part of your scalp.  What patients report as losing hair after the first 5 days is usually losing hair shafts and scabs attached to them.  The shaft of the transplanted hair will fall in most people within 2-3 weeks from their hair transplant.  This is a type of shock loss that hair will grow back after 2-3 months. 

Parsa Mohebi, MD
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Grafts falling out post transplant

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Grafts take about 72 hours to really "take" and develop their blood supply.  Then, after about a week the grafts cannot be removed without actually cutting them out (but before then you could probably pluck it and do some damage to its ability to regrow).  It does not sound like you have done anything to damage your follicles, and at 7 days post-op, you should be pretty safe assuming the grafts were placed deep enough to begin with.

In either case, you will not know until the grafts actually grow in and that takes about a year.  So 12 months from now you will be able to make a good judgement.  It is unfortunate to have to wait that long - it really tests one's patience! - but that is the reality.

Good luck!

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Call your doctor

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You can't keep posting same questions every few days and not call your doctor.

You also need to follow your doctor's exact post-operative care instructions.

If they are dead grafts, there is not much you can do at this point.

Jae Pak, MD
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