Has my dentist screwed up my implants? (Photo)

While drilling my dentist broke some piece of bone. His helper said, "oh it broke!". But they did not tell me anything. He chipped off pieces of bone with some tool and then he went on drilling a different hole. The implant area is quite sluggish. I feel the implant is too close to the adjacent tooth. Please tell me if he screwed up from the images. If he has broken the bone then will it grow back?Will the implant fail? Should I be worried? If he has broken the bone then will it grow back?

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its look good, implants are parallel to each other , and position is also perfect. to see bucco -lingual positioning , CBCT is must.

Implant placement looks good

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A CBCT image is the only way to KNOW, but this looks like a well placed implant at first glance. Even if some bone broke, it likely is clinically insignificant. Bone heals. 

Implants should be ~2 mm from adjacent teeth. 

Implant placement

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It's impossible to tell what, if anything, broke during the procedure looking at that film. The spacing looks good to me. Unless you have a cat-scan post op and can post frames from it, there's not really a way to tell from 2D images what is going on three dimensionally. 

Stephen Sulzbach, DMD
Norristown Dentist

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No noticeable boney defect around the implants

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There is no noticeable boney defect around the implants. They look to be perfectly secured except for the first Implant being little too close to the neurovascular bundle ( nerve).

Talk to your dentist and don't be worried.

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Looking at the post op x-ray the implant placement looks good.  Possibly something "broke" during the extraction.  This is a common complication.  It looks like you were in good hands and the implants appear to be in a good position for a final restoration.  The tooth anterior (in front of) to the implants has limited bone support and you should discuss options to manage this with your dentist.

Stephen G. Alfano, DDS
Newport Beach Prosthodontist

Relax and Calm Down

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Looking at the images you have provided, the implant position looks ideal with sufficient inter implant and implant - tooth distance. Your concern for the bone breaking also isn't alarming, it might have occurred that while drilling for the implant a small portion of the upper most cortical plate or the alveolar bone might have chipped which is not harming.... instead that lil piece can be used as an bone graft material. Any further chip or breakage would heal back and normal bone formation over a period of time against any uneventful healing. If the implant has achieved good stability integration would also be undoubted. So you should not be alarmed and stay calmly but if there is any discomfort you can see the Implantologist and express your concern.
I hope this helps.

Abhishek Modi, BDS
India Dentist

Implant position in question

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The area of where the implants are placed appears to be clean and intact
from what I can see from the xray you posted.  the implant is not too close to the tooth next to it. If anything it could be a bit closer.  Its my guess that your dentist will most likely
be making you a 3 tooth bridge connected by two implants.  If that is the case
you are in a good position to have a solid set of teeth on the lower right side of
your mouth.

Derek Faktor, DMD
New York Dentist

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