What can I do regarding the flappy gum that was left open that won't heal? You can see its not together/ healed/ exposed

Bone graph was placed after implant was placed and dentist made a small surgery to place bone graph - afterwards she placed the sutures and the area she cut wont heal or close bback up.. please see attached images. What can I do regarding this gum! please help!! Doctor suggested cutting? or getting a periodontist advice. please let me know what I can do . Thank you .

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Flappy gum that wont heal

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your best option is to see a Periodontist or an oral surgeon especially if your dentist is suggesting it / and she wants to redo the surgery by cutting .....

Sometimes there are scars that develop and this could be easily trimmed. If the gum is completely open , then infection should be ruled out. Site cleaned up after the gum is flapoed open. Then it will be re sutured. 

The cause of this flappy gum healing should be diagnosed first before the site is cut opened again .....

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