Can ptotic submandibular glands be fixed with Basket submandibular gland suspension after Neck Lift?

Bulging salivary glands After Neck lift; what can be done without resection

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Ptotic submandibular gland

It is difficult yo leave a comment after Dr. Mendelson's note which I am a big fan of his articles specially his anatomical studies. Suspension of the submandibular glad although it is effective but is a challenging and difficult surgery, if you are considering it , needs to be done by a really experienced surgeon who has done multiple of these surgeries. 

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Proper correction of prominent submandibular glands. Necklift

There is only one way to reduce submandibular gland prominence when it is contributing to fullness of the neck. Unfortunately, suspension of the gland, while appealing as a concept, is not proven to give a significant and predictable benefit. Nor would you expect that it would, as the enlarged gland takes up more space than is available, the very reason it bulges and pushes the overlying tissues out of correct position.
Surgical reduction of the prominent part of the submandibular gland is highly effective in people who need glandular reduction to obtain a nice neck.
You specifically asked about having a correction without resection. This presumably reflects concern about reduction of saliva leading to a ‘dry mouth’ as a result of the removal of glandular tissue. There has not been a published series of cases to give an answer on this. However, Dr Tutino and I are about to publish our series of 112 consecutive cases of Submandibular gland reduction. The answer is that not one of the patients ended up with a permanent dry mouth.
With this information you should be able to change your thinking. The best neck result must include partial resection of the submandibular glands. However, you should be aware that this is advanced plastic surgery and only certain experienced surgeons perform this type of surgery. Others, who are not comfortable with this operation may discourage you from wanting this surgery by emphasizing the risks.

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Inproving submandibular gland contour

In my honest opinion, only partial surgical resection will give a good result the circumstance. Consult with an expert surgeon who routinely removes portions of the submandibular gland during 

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Neck Lift

Suspension is an alternative for management of submandibular gland ptosis, as is resection. Each has its benefits and risks. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon, explore his or her’s experience with each.

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