Best Filler to Reduce Eye Bags?

How do I reduce eye bags and what's the best facial filler? I have big bags under my eyes and am wondering how to reduce them. I also have some loss of collagen around my cheeks and mouth.

I saw a doctor and had Radiesse but one syringe didn't seem like enough. What do you recommend as the longest lasting best volume filler for the cost?

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Injectable fillers are great for lower eyelid bags.

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There are several options for filling in your lower eyelid grooves, and smile lines. Hyaluronic Acid products like Juvederm and Restylane are the most popular. Radiesse is another good long-term filler, but it too is temporary and expensive.

You might consider researching doctors skilled in the art of Silikon-1000 injection. This is a permanent filler and would be an "off-label" application of an FDA-approved device. It needs to be administered only by a physician that is experienced with its applications for cosmetic enhancement. You should see many favorable before and after photos, and you should be completely comfortable with your decision since results, good or bad, are permanent.

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Eyelid Tuck

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The best way to reduce the bags is surgery (eyelid tuck). It is called Blepharoplasty. It is a one hour procedure where extra fat in the lower eyelid bags is removed and extra skin is removed as well.

If you want some thing non surgical, then Juvederm and Restylane work well. Radiesse can feel more lumpy.


Best Filler to reduce eyelid bags

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It is always important to look at the cheek when evaluating the lower eyelid. They form from the same piece during development, and tend to age similarly. looking at your picture you are very flat in the mid face, so much so I would be hesitant to fill it up with fillers.   Another surgical option you may want to investigate would be cheek implants and fat transfer to help restore volume to the lower eyelid/ cheek area.

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