Can I get dental implants after 30 years of dentures with severe mandibular and maxillary bone loss and osteoporosis?

I have osteoporosis as well as severe bone and gum loss due to 30 years of dentures. Due to this, I have been told by my dentist that I am not a candidate for implants. Is this true?

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Snapindentures or ALL ON 4 BY NOBEL

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yes you can have a solution in cases like yours, narrow or mini implants, for snap indentures, or you can get also great results with ALL ON4, BY NOBEL BIOCARE, this will  be determined with a CT SCAN, and a complete smile analysis. but don't worry there is always a solution, and even if you do not have much bone, even ZYGOMA IMPLANTS can be done.

Dental implant

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practically implant is possible whit osteoporosis after therapy, but theoretically implant is contra indicated in this condition. as u r wearing dentures and bone loss so additional surgery for bone augmentation may require.


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I perform bone grafting quite commonly for people like you . There will be more waiting because the graft will need additional healing time. Another option I do is short implants.  You will need more to compensate for their shortness.  It's why I perform "all-inclusive" treatment that includes 5-8 implants under bridges..... not bulky overdentures.  What's inside your mouth counts.

Victor Sanz, DDS
Chicago Dentist

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