Belly Button Healed Shallow With No Indention - Can This Be Revised?

I had my tummy tuck 4 months ago. The belly button took a long time to heal. It was open, oozing thik dark smelly puss for a good three weeks. It was about 3 months before it closed up. Now it is shallow, just darker than the rest of my skin. Can this be revised or will I just heal like this again? I am a bit nervous after the healing process the first go around.

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Belly button revision after tummy tuck

You are best waiting six months after the final healing is complete before considering a revision.  This allows tissues to soften and become strong, and time for the body to reduce the bacteria in the area to a minimum.

An umbilicoplasty is often very helpful for your problem.  This will involve removal of scar tissue and any retained material from sutures.  There are techniques to modify the fat around the belly button for it to appear more appealing as well.  Also the anchoring is important. 

The belly button should not, in my opinion, just be sewn back on, but should be contoured carefully.

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Belly button revision

You can likely get an "inner" unless you are super thin and there is not enough surrounding fat for the innie to sink into.  I would wait until the scar has faded and is soft and pliable.  It could take a year. 

Lisa Lynn Sowder, M.D.

Lisa Lynn Sowder, MD
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Belly button healed shallow

assuming you did not lose the belly button and you are not remarkably slim, this can probably be revised.  i would wait a good six months.  this could be done under local anesthetic in the office.  good luck

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Bellybutton revision

Bellybutton revision is very possible.  To create a 'deep' belly button, you must have depth to your abdominal skin/fat.  If you are a very skinny person then it may not be possible.  The depth of the belly button is the distance from skin to the abdominal muscles.  In skinny people who have only few millimeters of fat under the skin, the belly button can be only a few millimeters deep.  Inversely, if you have more fat on your belly, the belly button can be deeper.


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Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Belly Button Healed Shallow With No Indention - Can This Be Revised?

This truly can be a difficult thing to improve.  Photos and of course a physical exam would be very helpful to better evaluate your situation and see if your current belly-button anatomy will allow for a revision to create reasonable depth.

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Belly button revision after tummy tuck

I would wait about six more months before you have your belly button revised since you had some wound healing problems. Once the area has completely healed and te scar tissue has softened, you could have the belly button revised to create more "depth" to it so that it does not appear so flat.

Be patient, but this can be improved in the future.

Best wishes,


William Bruno, MD
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