Green/Bloody Mucous Discharge after Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction.

I had septoplasty & turbinate reduction surgery done 2 weeks ago. I had splints in my nose for a week, which were removed about a week ago. My concern is that my right nostril is basically great. It is generally clear and when I use the saline rinse, it always runs clear. My left nostril is a different story. I have to use the neti pot approx every 2-3 hours to remove the blockage and consistently get a lot of green and/or bloody mucous out. Should I be worried about infection?

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Infection a possibility

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After a septoplasty surgery drainage, crusting, debris, and mucus are common and the nasal irrigation treatments are needed as you are doing.  Discolored drainage of a yellow green nature is not too concerning in the first days after the surgery, however, when yellow green active drainage ensues after a week I feel that it is prudent to utilize oral antibiotics to treat any underlying nasal, nasal septal surgical site, or sinus related infection. 

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