Is It Ok to Get a Rhinoplasty if a Person Has Acromegaly and the Nose is Still Growing?

Is it ok to get a rhinoplasty if a person has acromegaly and the nose is still growing? Would it stop after surgery, or grow deformed.

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Acromegaly and Candidacy for Rhinoplasty

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You should be thoroughly evaluated by an endocrinologist before considering rhinoplasty surgery. The risk of having rhinoplasty before the acromegaly has stabilized is that your new nose might continue to change shape. Good luck with your medical treatment.

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Rhinoplasty and Acromegaly

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The endocrine condition of Acromegaly requires full evaluation, and possibly treatment before you should consider rhinoplasty. It is not a contraindication to performing the procedure, nor will it affect normal healing once the growth hormone levels are normalized. However there are significant other facial skeletal deformities that can result from untreated Acromegaly.

Rhinoplasty and acromegaly

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You should wait till your facial features have stopped changing for the most part. I assume you are seeing an endocrinologist to identify why you have acromegaly and determine the best overall treatment. Good luck

Acromegaly and rhinoplasty

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First, the acromegaly has to be evaluated. Second if you are still actively growing, you should  wait until you have stopped.

Acromegaly Needs to Be Treated then Rhinoplasty

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   The acromegaly either needs to be medically or surgically treated, and then a rhinoplasty can be performed.

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