Is this achievable with 0.5cc filler? Or should I have a full syringe? Is it realistic? (Photo)

I want more volume on my top lip, but I am unsure about how much I should do to start with. I want a bigger top lip and shorter distance between nose and lip. I have included a picture. The upper picture is my current lips and the second is photoshopped(only the top lip). If so, does it matter how the filler is injected and what kind of filler I use? I have been reading about cannula injections, but they say it's not precise, but less bruising.

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You should start out with 1cc of filler and go from there. You do not want to overdo too much filler in the lips. It also depends on the look you are going for too. You can always add more filler to the lips if needed. Just remember if you are going to do your lips and you do not want to bruise you should not take any aspirins or anything that will thin the blood since brusing can occur.

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A full syringe is often required but using only 1/2 if you are concerned is ok. Best of luck with your decision to move forward.

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It appears from your photo that you would require a syringe to correct the lip volume.  You can always start with a half and see if it is full enough for you.  Best, Dr. Green

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