Can Voluma be reversed with hyaluronidase?

I had wanted to minimize the dark circle/slight depression under my eyes so I'd look more rested. Thinking tear trough injections may help, I visited an experienced injector. I was advised that Voluma in my cheeks would be the fix. So I had a syringe of Voluma injected into my cheeks. After over 2 months I really don't like the full cheek look, it's not natural looking. How does one know how much to use when reversing and where to place it? How much does experience play in using this antidote?

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You can use vitrase or other hyaluronidase agents to reverse and dissolve Voluma.  Whoever is injecting Voluma should be experienced to understand how to use hyaluronidase.  

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Can Voluma be reversed with hyaluronidase?

Yes, Voluma can be reversed with hyaluronidase.  A physician experienced with performing injections should be able to properly administer hyaluronidase to correct any overfill.  

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Hyaluronidase Will Break Down Voluma

Voluma can be reversed with hyaluronidase since it is a hyaluronic acid product. You should consult with the person that injected you to see what their experience is with hyaluronidase since they know how much of the product they injected and where exactly they injected the product. It will take more hyaluronidase than usual to dissolve the product because it is a much thicker product, and it may require a couple of treatments to fully dissolve the product.

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Can Voluma be reversed with hyaluronidase?

Voluma can be dissolved using Hyaluronidase but would require 2-3 sessions every few weeks apart 

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Hyaluronidase for Voluma, and Restylane for the tear troughs.

This is really a two part answer!  

While it is true that naturally augmenting the cheek can significantly improve the tear trough and smile lines, we must be careful not to overly build up the cheek.  Although off label, Restlyane is clearly the best hyaluronic acid product for direct tear trough injection.  This is a very sensitive area and requires significant experience for success.

Hyaluronidase is very effective for volume but does require about 1.5 times the usual dosing given the high degree of cross linking that is present in Voluma.

I would check back with your injector and be certain that your professional has experience with both before moving forward.

Thanks so much!
Dr. Hobgood

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Can Voluma be reversed

Dear anon, thank you for your question. Injectable fillers can be used to enhance facial volume, correct lines and depressions, and rejuvenate the face without surgery. Some common fillers used in our San Diego practice include restylane, juvederm, perlane, voluma, radiesse, and sculptra. Yes, Voluma may be dissolved.  Consult with an experienced facial plastic surgeon injector to review your concerns. Good Luck!

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Yes, Voluma injection can be reversed.

Yes, but it does take about 2 times as much hyaluronidase, due to the fact that it is more densely cross-linked.

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Can Voluma be reversed?

Yes, hyaluronidase can be injected into the Voluma to essentially "dissolve" the product.  This is one of the advantages to Voluma is that it can be removed if the patient does not like it.

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Can Voluma be reversed with hyaluronidase?

Voluma can be reversed with hyaluronidase.  However, you are correct in assuming that you should go to a physician who has experience with both voluma and hyaluronidase.  Even in experienced hands and utilizing standardized doses results can vary.  I would suggest starting with a small dose of hyaluronidase and if you don't achieve the results you were hoping for, the injection can be repeated a few weeks later.  Best wishes.

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Can you remove Voluma

Voluma is a hyaluronic acid filler so yes, it can be dissolved with hyaluronidase. Just like when injecting fillers, removing them is also an art. So yes, experience matters with this! And that's how the injector knows where to put it and how much to put in.

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