Autologous Rib Graft Infection 6 Weeks Post-Op Rhinoplasty, Does It Require Removal?

this is my 6 weeks after rhinoplasty with autologous rib graft, i am currently having a infection . I read on this web site that most foreign implant like silicon or gore-tex will normally always lead to removal as the infection is likely to be a recurring i am wondering does autologous rib graft have the same problem as foreign implant .infection is under the nose the septum separating the two nostril.currently under antibiotics.Do autologous graft such as rib response well to antibiotic

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Autologous rib graft infection

Autologous rib grafts are not foreign bodies and may well be saved with antibiotics alone or simple drainage, irrigation and antibiotics. Follow up closely with your surgeon to minimze any problems.

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Rhinoplasty, rib grafts and implants

one of the benefits of using rib or cartilage grafts is that they develope blood supply and act as normal body tissues.   they will therefore frequently respond to local care , antibiotics.

debridement and or removal may be required but not nearly as often synthetic materials

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Infected rib cartilage graft

As a first step an infected cartilage graft is usually treated with antibiotics and close follow-up. If it fails to respond to that treatment graft removal may be necessary though.

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Rib graft infection

Where you diagnosed by your Dr? If so, a course of antibiotics and close follow up would be Warranted. If this fails removal would be the next step.

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Autologous Rib Graft Infection 6 Weeks Post-Op Rhinoplasty, Does It Require Removal?

Autologous cartilage grafts do not necessarily have to be removed if they become infected.  It is certainly possible to "save" the graft with antibiotics.  Make sure you have frequent attentive followups with your surgeon to monitor your progress.  Certainly, persistent infections might require removal. 

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Autologous Rib Graft Infection 6 Weeks Post-Op Rhinoplasty, Does It Require Removal?

No, not neccessarily.  A course of antibiotics and needle aspiration can be tried to see if the infection can be stopped.  However, infection tends to dissolve cartilage and if it persists, this may cause even more uneven dissolution of the rib graft than normally occurs with this grafting material, IMHO.  

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Rib graft Infection


This is a difficult question to answer without having direct clinical contact with you. Typically IV and/or oral antibiotics can be tried for a period of about a week but after that I would remove the implant. If the implant is exposed or there is danger of tissue necrosis then I would definitely remove the implant.



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