Autoimmune Disease and Successful Fat Grafting to Cheeks?

Does my autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) make me a poor candidate for achieving permanent fat grafting to my cheeks, and if so, WHY? I am 45. I had cheek implants in 2004, one quickly shifted and had to be reinserted, and now in 2012 one seems infected. Researchers now believe the currently-used implants often get covered with a biofilm and become a locus for chronic inflammatory disease, so I want fat grafting. Any hope for me? Alternative ideas?

autoimmune disease & successful fat grafting to cheeks?

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Hashimotos thyroiditis

Treat the Hashimoto thyroditis first. When you are not on medications to decrease the immunity then do the surgery you want

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Get thyroid disease under control

It is unlikely that fat grafting will cause a flareup of your Hashimotos. If I were your surgeon, I would get clearance from your endocrinologist first, and then schedule surgery.

If you had Thyroid Eye Disease from your Hashimotos, then I would need to make sure that your eye condition was stable before doing surgery.

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