Is the scar worth it on a thigh lift/lipo? (photo)

I was looking at getting lipo with a thigh lift but am worried about the scar. I have to wear bike short style shape wear with dresses because of chafing & my shorts need to be to my knees as they pull up at the crotch. If the scar goes to my knees then i still will need to cover up this area anyway. Do you think i would need a vertical scar? I think i wouldnt be able to get away with just lipo as there is quite a significant amount of fat that would need to be removed causing sagging skin.

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Scar and thigh lift

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If you have large fatty thighs then liposuction alone will not correct your problem. The liposuction will get rid of the fat but you are correct when you say that you will have lose floppy skin. I think the best results for your thighs are liposuction as well as skin excision. The vertical scar does not need to come down to the knees. As a plastic surgeon I am usually conscious of the fact that females may want to wear a skirt and I would attempt to make the scar less visible and not take it down this far.

The other option is to just perform the liposuction to begin with and see how this looks and feels and if you are happy with the excess skin or it is not as obvious as you may think, and acceptable then you do not need to have the skin excision, in which case you will not have the scars.


Stephen Salerno

Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Is the scar worth it on a thigh lift/lipo?

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