Options for a short tooth after root canal treatment?

I'm 22. At 13, I had root canal on right front tooth after infection (tooth had been previously damaged from an accident so had prior reconstruction). Because my teeth weren't straight, that tooth was rebuilt shorter to look even. Now that my teeth are straightened, that tooth looks shorter. Also, the tooth is darker than the others since the treatment. I've been given several options: Internal bleaching and bonding; veneer; or crown (porcelain-metal composite). Which option is favourable?

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Short, dark tooth

The option I recommend for your short, dark tooth is a "Lava" crown.  This has no metal, but a zirconia core to cover and mask the darkness underneath the porcelain.  If your tooth is very dark, a veneer will not mask all of the darkness.   I have done many cases this way and had excellent results.

Steven M. Goldy, DDS

Beverly Hills Dentist
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