Bonding to correct a posterior open bite? (photos)

I retract my jaw to chew and sometimes during speech to get my molars to make contact. Ive had braces and was urged to have jaw advancement surgery. I never did because at rest front teeth make contact, professionals always analyzed my bite with my lower jaw pulled back and molars making contact. This position gives an extreme overbite. I don't think cutting my jaw bone & moving it forward alone will make the molars touch. I'm wondering if building up the molars via bonding would improve my bite

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Overbite and bonding

Bonding is not a good option to solve your problem with the overbite. As the profesionals told you, the best solution is the ortognatic surgery. 

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Bonding to correct posterior open bite

If your posterior teeth make contact when your jaw is retruded, you should not have bonding added to close your open bite when your lower jaw is protruded forward.  This will only cause problems for you.  If you are comfortable now and do not want jaw advancement surgery that was recommended, best to do nothing and live with what you have.  

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