Scar Revision Gone Wrong. Suggestions? (photo)

It's been 3 weeks since getting a scar revision surgery for my face scars. It did remove the scars (somewhat) but it left me with very red and thick linear wounds. The doctor told me that it's contact dermatitis from the ointment (aquaphor). We tried steroid cream, steroid pills, and steroid injection (a week apart from each other) but they have not improved the appearance of the scars. He told me that I should give some time but doesn't seem like these scars are going away. Any suggestions? TY~

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Scar Revision Gone Wrong. Suggestions? (photo)

Yes you need T I M E! These incisions are demonstrating very early maturation. Therfore that is the reason of the "redness". Try locally applied scar creams. 

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Facial scar revision in Los Angeles

At this stage, I would consider pulsed dye laser to reduce the redness and inflammation around your scar.  Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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Scar revision healing

It is normal for scars to appear red 3 weeks after scar revision.  The most important thing you can do is to use sun protection over the area, as sun exposure will prolong the redness.  It can take 6-12 months for the healing process to occur.  

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Normal Scar Healing

Thank you for your photograph. To me this is typical maturation of the scar. The scar will heal at the surface in about seven days to 14 days. The redness is typical and will last several months. This whole represents the healing of this tissue beneath the skin. At about 9 to 12 months this redness will fade and the improvement will be noticeable.

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Scar Revision Gone Wrong. Suggestions?

I agree with Dr. Commons. I don't actually see any problems with the way that things are healing. You should discuss with your plastic surgeon before making any changes but I'd recommend - liberal use of sunscreen and sun protection, Bio-corneum (sunscreen and silicone product), scar massage. The appearance of these scars should improve significantly over the coming months. Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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Scar revision takes ONE YEAR to heal

Sounds like you did not get the message that scar revision surgery, like all surgery, takes one year to heal.  Scar revision areas stay red for up to 6 months and longer.  Scar revision areas are firm for 6 plus months.  Retin A - Hydroquinione 7% may help pigment reduction  in scars but certainly not red reduction.  Silicone paste such as Kelocote may help diminish the redness and thickness a little faster.   The process of scar revision just begins with the surgery.  The process takes a year.  My Best,  Dr C

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