My hair line is really uneven and recedes deeply above my temples. How can this be fixed? (photos)

My hair line has been this way for as long as I can remember but I am becoming more aware of how greatly it recedes/thins out. I don't color my hair, I barely use heat on it and I don't wash it every day.. could putting it up in ponytails be making it worse? Why is it this way and how can i get my hair to be thicker in those thin areas?

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​If you are losing hair and want treatment options you should schedule a consultation with a doctor.​ Photos are not very helpf

If you are losing hair and want treatment options you should schedule a consultation with a doctor.  Photos are not very helpful without a proper examination.

Jae Pak, MD

Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
113 reviews

Uneven hairline - how to fix it

You mentioned that your hairline has been this way for as long as you can remember, but that you are becoming more aware of it— I think perhaps, just more conscious/critical about it.  Never fear, there is a solution.  You may have a hair transplant which can restore the hairline and fill the corners.  Second, if the hairline bothers you in the meantime (while you decide on a hair transplant), do not pull your hair back in a ponytail as that will draw more attention to hairline.  A ponytail may place unnecessary traction on the hairs in front (traction alopecia). Third, consider wearing bangs to hide the hairline while you decide.  Lastly, see a hair restoration specialist to further discuss your options.

Parsa Mohebi, MD, FISHRS, ABHRS
Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Surgeon

Hair Loss Treatment Basics-- Progesterone and PRP

There are plenty of great hair loss treatments available such as PRP with Progesterone, or hair transplant. I'd suggest you consult a hair expert to discuss the best treatment options for you. 

Jason Emer, MD
Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Hairline changes in women.

there are many reasons your hairline can be changing, from genetics to hormone changes. I recommend you visit with a hair loss expert. The good news is that with transplant you should be able to make the changes you are looking for. However, it is equally important to ensure you stop your hair loss. 

Justin Misko, MD
Justin Misko, MD
Lincoln Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Hair line is really uneven

I advice you have a FUE; you would get the desired hairline in just one sesssion of dense packing hair grafting/ transplant can be an option or forehead reduction and correcting  asymmetry on your frontal hair line/forelock. 

Ilhan Serdaroglu, MD
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

Receding hair line

Hairtransplant is a very good option to rebuild and even put your hairline, if done by a hair transplant specialist with experience. 

Michael Meshkin, MD
Michael Meshkin, MD
Newport Beach Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Female with receding hairline

You need to be examined by an expert to make sure that you do not have an autoimmune disease of the hairline area. IF you do not, then a hair transplant to create a new hairlines is straight forward as shown in the photos below

William Rassman, MD
William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Hairline changes in women

Great question. And really there are many factors to consider. Sit down with a physician specializing in hair loss to review all the factors. Here are a few to consider.

1. Hairline maturation and genetics. Hairlines are much more varied in women than men. Some recessions are normal for some women yet not for others. Between 15-27 hairlines in women change shape as well. This is called hairline maturation and is normal.  

2. Genetic hair loss. Certainly genetic hair loss can cause hairlines to change. 

3. Telogen Effluvium. Any female with concerns about hair needs three blood tests and maybe more - CBC, TSH, ferritin. Subclinic thyroid issues and iron deficiency can impact hair growth. Other blood tests might be ordered as well depending on your story. 

4. Traction alopecia. You are indeed correct that traction alopecia can cause hair loss in the frontal hairline. I don't see any real proof for traction alopecia from your photos but an up close exam can help determine that more accurately.

All in all, I'd recommend an examination by a physician. All these issues need to be carefully considered. Options for both medical (non surgical) and surgical may be possible.

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

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