Front tooth dental implant during pregnancy or are there other options(crown fell out and broke off remaining tooth)? (Photos)

I am 8weeks pregnant.1 of my front tooth crowns fell out.My natural tooth underneath broke off into the crown. I can't have a missing front tooth in all of my pregnancy pictures(no I am not vain, but my first pregnancy was hard as a single mom and I now am married and get to have my fairytale) I am wanting to get an implant. I read to wait until 2nd trimester.Is it ok to have this done? Are there any other options?

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Dental Implant on Front Tooth

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From the picture that you sent, it looks as if you possibly grind your teeth at night. I think that you should consider a Maryland bridge as a transition to the implant while you wait for medical clearance to have the surgery. If the tooth that remains can serve as a strong enough support, then you can consider having a temporary tooth made that attaches to it. This would be especially easier if your tooth has already had a root canal, which would be impossible for me to see from the photo. 

Broken tooth during pregnancy

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Congratulation on your pregnancy.  I would suggest to have a temporary removable flipper made until your second tri master.  You also have to find out by doing a root canal, post and a new crown if the tooth can be saved as well.


Dr. Maddahi

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Broken Tooth

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You might not need to have an implant for this tooth. It potentially can be saved. If the tooth has had a root canal, you can have a post placed and build the tooth back up. You would not need to lose the tooth. If the tooth has not had a root canal, you'll probably need to have one done, then do the post and build up. You should try to keep your tooth if at all possible. Of course, this is all predicated on how the tooth is fractured. I suggest you see your dentist asap. I hope this helps!

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