How do I deal with malar bags or festoons? (Photo)

After a period of intense stress, I developed festoons. I am only 22 years old and am wondering how to get rid of them, or since the cause of them was stress, if they will go away by themsvles b/c of my age. I have very noticeably had them for 10 months now. Surgery sounds ridiculous. Are there any natural remedies? What kind of doctor would I see about this? How unusual or usual is it for a person of my age to develop these? It does not run in my family b/c neither of my parents have them.

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Bags Under Eyes

At your age, fractional nonablative (clear and brilliant, Faxel) or radiofrequency (sublative, viva) or even co2 resurfacing (which would give you a quicker result) will give great results without the need for surgery.  Fillers in this area help as well IF placed appropriately.  Please see someone with experience in treating this area. Best, Dr. Emer.

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Bags under your eyes

I definitely agree that surgery is a bit premature for your age and the acuteness of your problem.
I would recommend simple changes such as the one below
1. sleep with your head tilted. the accumulation of fluid and pressure overnight may worsen the problem.
2. if you have seasonal allergies, consider taking a daily antihistamine of your choice. this will help drain fluid that may worsen your undereye.
3. see a dermatologist, to develop a skin care regimen appropriate for your skin type and concerns. i stronlgy believe that you will achieve great benefits with skin directed therapy.
4. sleep well, as often as you can, being tired and sleep deprived will only aggravate the problem.
5. consider placing eye bags a few mins a day while resting and relaxing.

Hope this helps.
Dr. Martinez-Diaz

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Treatment of the Under Eye in the young

Although it is hard to say anything definitive  from a picture, you do not appear to have either bags or festoons by our definitions. What you do have can probably be treated with fillers such as Voluma, Radiesse or fat. Just because your parents do not have the problem does not mean that it is not genetic. You need to see a surgeon skilled in surgery of the eye as well as injectables. Therefore, look for an expert injector who is also a board certified surgeon specializing in eyelid rejuvenation.

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These are not necessarily associated with allergies.

There are many factors that contribute to festoons.  Eye rubbing which can be triggered by allergies can contribute to the development of the festoon by damaging the ligaments that normal hold the eyelids together.  Chronic sun damage is also a big contributor.  Filling below the festoon or chemical peeling the festoon helps pull these areas together.  Taking an antihistamine or diuretic are unlikely to be beneficial.  There are no natural treatments for this.  To not order chemical peels or fillers from the internet.  Consider seeing a fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon or board certified dermatologist.

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