5 Months After Facelift I Need a Muscle Relaxer I Can Take During the Day. Any Suggestions?

I have a lot of discomfort during the day caused by tight facial, neck & jaw muscles. My ps recommended massage but it doesn't provide much consistent relief. I can't take NSAIDs so my GP prescribed a very low dose of Xanax (.125 mg daily) which I take only occasionally. It works great but I'm afraid of dependency issues. I'm usually comfortable at night so I need something mild & non-addictive I can take during the day. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Muscle pain after face lift

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Pain from a face lift usually subsides by now. My thoughts -

  • Consider acetominophen rather than Xanax.
  • Is it getting better? If so, it is probably post surgical and should soon subside
  • TMJ, dental malalignment, a post-surgical viral infection may be a cause.
  • Consider seeing an ENT or  oral surgeon or a pain clinic if your plastic surgeon and GP can't figure this out for you.  
  • Acupuncture and meditation may also help.  Best wishes. 

Be careful with muscle relaxers

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After 5 months, you can experience some tightness but muscle spasms are unlikely due to your surgery at this point.  If things are improving, I would recommend time rather than drugs.  If they are not improving, I would recommend an evaluation for TMJ issues.

5 Months after Facelift - Muscle Spasms?

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   Muscle spasms at this point would be an unlikely result of the facelift.  If no problems are encountered in an exam, a less sedating muscle relaxant is Skelaxin.

Muscle relaxers for daytime

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I am not aware of any muscle relaxants that do not have some sedative effect.  You could try decreasing the dose of your Xanax to see if that helps.  More importantly, you should not need to be taking a muscle relaxant after having had a facelift five months ago.  I would contact your plastic surgeon again to discuss your problem and be evaluated.   

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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