Assymetrical Eyes? (photo)

hi i realized that i have asymetrical eyes what to do doctors? please help me

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Facial asymetry is more common than you might think

Dear hussmwg

  • There are very few people with truly symmetric faces.
  • The slight differences that we seen in our eyes and face can range from subtle to drastic. 
  • The next time you watch the news or movies look for the asymmetry in the faces, chins, and eyes in these beautiful famous people. 
  • In other words, if you have no functional problem with your vision, then surgery is not likely necessary. 

Best Wishes

Sacramento Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Orbital asymmetry

Upon examining your photo, the asymmetry that you notice between your eyes is real, but quite subtle. The likely reason for the asymmetry is an underlying bony asymmetry:  your right eye socket is slightly lower than the left.

The surgery required to address this asymmetry is quite involved and involves craniofacial surgery, including the cutting of the bone of the eye socket and repositioning it.

The risk to benefit ratio for this is too high, in my opinion. I would venture that you are likely the only one that really notice this unless you bring someones attention to it.

A.J. Amadi, MD
Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Are asymmetric eyes normal? Ask Dr Ellen

Hello Hussmwg,

Believe it or not, everyone is slightly asymmetric in form.  Surgery can be helpful in reducing dramatic asymmetries but rarely, if ever, makes a complete correction. Sometimes the 'enemy of good is perfect' so be sure to keep your expectations in line.

Thanks for asking!  Dr Ellen

Ellen A. Mahony, MD
Westport Plastic Surgeon
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Asymmetric Eyes

        Each side of a person's face is different, and, thus, everyone is asymmetric.  From your photos, the degree of asymmetry appears minimal, and I would not recommend surgery.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Facial asymmetry is normal

Every face has some degree of asymmetry as do you!  Your eyes are asymmetric, but minimally.
Just as these other physicians have said – look at famous actors (Bradley Cooper is a good example) who are considered attractive with significant facial asymmetry.

George John Alexander, MD, FACS
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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