What to Do with Appendectomy Scar with Small Indent? (photo)

Hi, I had appendicitis when I was 8 years old and now I'm 21 and would like to get a scar revision/scar removal but mine has a small indent. I would like to know what procedures would you recommend, the length of time of the particular processes, and the estimated cost or pricing depending on the photo provided. Thank you!

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Scar revision

A scar revision is certainly reasonable. You should see a board certified plastic surgeon to be properly evaluated.

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What to Do with Appendectomy Scar with Small Indent? (photo)

Seek in person evaluations with a PSs in your area to discuss scar revision of the appy scar with indentation. 

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Revising a Sunken Appendctomy Scar

No one can erase a scar such as yours but it can be made less conspicuous with a well done scar revision in which the amount of support of the skin is improved and the widened scar is replaced with a very thin and flat scar. See a Plastic surgeon as the fees of scar revision will change from place to place.  

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Scar Revision for Previous Appendectomy?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

You may benefit from scar revision surgery. This operation will serve to smoothen out the contour of the area. The indentation and the shadow it creates may be making the scar more visible. Hopefully, smoothing out the scar may help to make it less eye-catching. Unfortunate, there is no way to “erase” the scar;  realist expectations are important. The best we can hope for is a finer,  smoother line.

 I hope this helps.

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Scar revision

You can "revise" a scar and hopefully make it look better but it will be a little longer too.  There is nothing that can "remove" a scar as in getting rid of it.  Go to a plastic surgeon for this.

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Scar revision and cost

The scar on the abdomen does appear to be hypertrophic (thickened) as well as tethered to the deeper structures.  You can correct both the thickness and tethering surgically.  A  revision alone could be somewhere between $750 - $1500 for the surgeon's fee, but there might be additional fees if you do this in a surgical center or hospital setting.  Anesthesia fees would also add to the total costs.  Together, they could easily add another $1000 - $2000 depending on those costs.  The scar revision could probably be done safely in the office setting under local and this should diminish your overall cost considerably.  I would make sure when you talk to your surgeon, he/she is sure you don't have any hernia which might complicate the surgery much more and require that it be done in an operating room setting.

Good luck.

Young R. Cho, MD, PhD
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Good evaluation and probably scar revision


While your picture helps us figure what might be done, the feel of the scar to touch also factors into the equation. You need a good evaluation by a qualified plastic surgeon and probably a scar revision afterward.


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