Why does Botox make my skin appear smoother?

I have noticed that when I get injections of botox (along the horizontal lines of the forehead and the 11's), that the skin on my forehead appears smoother and my pores appear less noticeable. I say "appear" because I wonder if it's in my head. I know that pores don't have muscles and don't really "open" and "close" like advertisers claim they do. I am the only one who has noticed this? For the record, I have large pores and fairly thick skin to begin with.

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Botox makes my skin look better?

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This is a well known result from Botox and is a potential FDA approved use for Revance in the future. It causes the sebaceous glands to secrete less oil. It also softens the wrinkles. Thick, oily skin will show smaller pores because there is less oil production and overall better skin quality with Botox. 

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Why Does Botox Make My Skin Appear Smoother?

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Thank you for your excellent question.  The use of Botox will relax the contractile ability of underlying facial muscles, thereby smoothing the appearance of the overlying skin.  The pore size will not be directly affected; however, you are likely perceiving the overall positive changes in your skin created by Botox.  Enjoy your Botox!  Hope this helps and best wishes! 

Botox and Smoother Skin

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One of the benefits of Botox is that it smooths out the wrinkles and thereby smooths out the skin as well.  It does not change your pore size but your skin appears tighter and less wrinkled which is why it looks better.  Best, Dr. Green

Why is my skin smoother?

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Hello Robin and thank you for your question. Botox and Dysport are neurotoxins which lead to a temporary relaxation of the facial muscles. These muscles are usually under constant tension and when relaxed the overlying skin is stretched out leading to a smoothing effect and less pores. Best, Dr. ALDO

Aldo Guerra, MD
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Why does Botox make my skin appear smoother?

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Thank you for your question. Botox works by relaxing the muscles giving the appearance of smoother skin in the treated area. Botox does not change your pore size. Best of Luck!

Hardik Soni, MD (not currently practicing)
Summit Emergency Medicine Physician

The "smoothing" effect of Botox

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Your observations are correct!  Botox targets and relaxes the underlying muscles that contribute to the appearance of horizontal lines across the forehead. There are also small muscles that it can relax in the glands that surround the pores thereby decreasing their size and decreasing  oil production.  

Sharon Scherl, MD
Englewood Dermatologist
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Botox smoother skin

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Hello, Botox works by temporarily paralysing the underlying muscle. As a result the skin appears smoothed out on the surface and this is why you may notice a change in the skin. Whilst Botox doesn't specifically shrink your pores, Intradermal Botox can improve the appearance of them by reducing oily skin. As a result, your skin looks more matt and softer.

Smother skin and smaller pores after Botox

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Great observation. You are right, Botox not only relaxes the muscles in the treatment area to eliminate wrinkles, but the same thing happens to oil and sweat glands in your skin, Botox makes them less active. This will cause a decrease in the oils being produced in your skin and with less active the glands your pores will not be as open. Some people even describe an improvement in their acne because of the decreased oil production.

Matthew Brace, MD
Ontario Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Smoother skin after Botox

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The reason your skin looks smoother is that the muscles that move the skin have been relaxed. This gives a smooth appearance. The pores also seems to shrink with Botox. Since Botox blocks the nerves that communicate with some pores, the pores become less active and hence smaller in appearance. 

Omeed Memar, MD, PhD
Chicago Dermatologic Surgeon
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Forehead Skin Appears Smoother After Botox

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Dear Robin, Your observation is correct. In addition to smoothing the lines on the forehead and the 11's, by relaxing the underlying muscle, many patients observe that they have smaller pores. Best wishes, Dr. Richard Swift

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