One side of mouth (teeth and gums) sticks out further than the other. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am lost on what to do with my teeth. I have several that need to be pulled (one is evident in the photo) and I have a referral to an orthodontist. However, I am wondering if Invisalign will really fix the issue of my jagged teeth and, most important, the fact that one side of mouth juts out further. What is the best (and fastest) method to fix this horrible smile. HELP! :-(

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Complicated Case, underdevloped maxilla. Multiple Steps for Ideal Outcome

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The best results will actually come from multidisciplinary approach.  I would suggest starting with the DNA Appliance to expand the maxilla and Myofuntional Therapy to retrain your muscles especially the tongue.  Be evaluated for a tethered tongue, tongue tie.
When proper prep is done you will have best results with less chance of relapse, headaches, TMJ or sleep apnea in the future.

Orthodontic concerns

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Your best result is going to come from visiting an orthodontist and moving your teeth with braces not Invisalign. Before you start the process of braces you should start with a good general dental checkup and exam. Fix or remove the broken teeth. Get the gums healthy and any cavities filled. Once this is done your orthodontist can close spaces. Create a more symmetrical arch and give you a more harmonious smile. Your problems didn't happen overnight, a fast fix isn't going to happen either. 

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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