Which is better Halo laser or Contour TRL laser? What are the differences between the two?

I'm a 44 year old white female with olive skin looking to remove fine lines, crepey skin, sun damage and reduce my large pores. I'd prefer not to do a laser that requires a series of treatments. However, I understand the laser specialist can go more aggressive with the Halo for greater results. I also understand maintenance will be required and possibly an IBL treatment. The Halo treatment in my area is $1250 and the Contour TRL is $1500.

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Halo or TRL

The decision of using the TRL or HALO should really be done in conjunction with your healthcare provider. If you are interested in having a more impactful result, and the goal is to completely resurface your skin, then I would recommend the TRL because of the depth it can reach, and the dramatic change in the quality of the skin itself. However, the limitation of the TRL is downtime. You are likely facing anywhere from 7-21 days of downtime, so this is where the Halo has an incredible advantage. It takes a component of the TRL (the erbium laser), and uses it as a fractionated treatment in order to expedite your recovery while delivering the benefits that you would see with the TRL such as the shrinking of the pores, removal of pigmentation, and even improving some of the fine lines. So it really becomes a decision between your need for recovery versus your desire for an impactful change in your skin quality. Depending on which one you choose, than your choice for the laser will become more clear in your consultation with your doctor. 

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Contour TRL vs Halo

Thanks for the great question. The main different between TRL and Halo is the amount of downtime and the overall results. Typically contour is a more aggressive treatment which does an excellent job of treating severely sun damaged skin with thicker wrinkles. Because it is more aggressive, the down time is typically 1-2 weeks. Halo on the other hand is able to treat all of the ares you specified (fine lines, crepey skin, sun damage, and pores) with 3-5 days of down time. When I had my halo, I still was able to go to work. The intensity of the Halo treatment does to a degree determine the downtime, but most patients are usually ready to put some make up on and go to work on days 4-5, often times much soon. That being said, if you have really bad skin you will only be able to get dramatic results using TRL. Multiple Halo treatments will also help, but will not be able to deliver the same results as TRL. Best of luck!

~Dr. Sieber

David A. Sieber, MD
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Halo vs. Contour

The primary distinctions is the amount of downtime, the degree of improvement, and the best modality for the conditions. When you mention crepey skin, you may benefit more from contour. However, Halo is excellent to address sun damage, reduce size of pore, and address early signs of aging. 

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
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