How can I get rid of an angry, tired look? (Photo)

Hello. Well I really want to rectify my look because it makes me look angry and tired, but I don't know what does it make so.. Eyebrows, big eyelids or eye shape? What can I do with that?

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Angry tired eyes

  • Your photo shows the inner (medial) brow pulled down and
  • thick corrugator (frown) muscles in this area.
  • The first and easiest treatment will be Botox or other neurotoxin injected into these muscles.
  • You need the injections every 3 months but results can be lovely.
  • Also make sure your glasses, if any, are right for your eyes, wear sunglasses in sunny weather and spend no more time than necessary working/playing on electronic screens - all can make the corrugators work overtime to protect our eyes.

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