Can I get Angelina Jolie smile with veneers? + Can I get grafts?

1- I want my front 6 teeth more out front and I want side 4 teeth bigger and wider. Is that possible with veneers? 2- There different dentist told me what I don't like about me is actually the upper jaws' being back than normal. Is there anything to do for that? Grafts or something? (still to get the jolie look because I don't like my lips stand when I don't smile too) 3- Is that possible to add gum to my front 2 teeth? Is there that kind of technology?

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Smile aesthetics of Angelina Jolie

In reviewing the photos you posted, you already have beautiful smile aesthetics. There is not much I could suggest to improve upon what you already have. You mentioned you desire a smile similar to Angelina Jolie. As a matter of fact, I feel the lower third of your face already closely resembles the facial features of Angelina full lips, strong philtrim, triangular jaw shape, symmetrical smile. If you really wanted to enhance your smile I would suggest very minimal changes. You could consider doing some minor tooth recontouring called enamelplasty to make the front teeth slightly rounder and feminine looking, and possibly some minor gum recontouring on the premolars to make the smile appear wider and bigger. In terms of the way your lips fall, I dont feel any changes are needed. It appears your lips are symetrical and fall naturally. If your lips are already quite pretty, why risk making them worse or unnatural? Judging by the photos, you should be very proud of your smile and I am proud of your high aesthetic standards. Many patients would love to have a smile like yours. 

Can I get Angelina Jolie smile with veneers?

As you probably realize, a smile is not just teeth, but includes the teeth (size, shape, position, color), the gums, the lips, the jaw size, etc.
No dentistry is going to change your lips per se, but by making veneers or crowns or doing orthodontics to move the teeth outward, more lip support can sometimes be achieved.  However, this may effect your phonetics (ability to speak certain sounds).
I would certainly not recommend any gum grafting in your case, as your gums seem to appear very natural.  More gums onto the teeth will make your teeth look shorter, and actually a gummy smile is often very objectionable esthetically.
To be honest, I think your objectives may be too high and unrealistic for current dentistry and plastic surgery to achieve.  You are a unique and special person.  Don't try to look like Angelina Jolie, just try to look the best your can within your own unique body.
You might be interested in looking a the web link below, which addresses tooth shape.  Tooth shape, maybe like Jolie, with the same color, might be a realistic way to improve your smile.

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

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Hello Marie,
First off, I'd like to tell you that your smile creates a beautiful starting point for the cosmetic enhancements that you're seeking.  So with this said, I'll give you some professional answers to your questions.

Answer to question 1 - Of course porcelain veneers could make your teeth bigger and wider.  I would recommend a slight increase in height and a lesser increase in width.  If you were my patient, I would recommend emax veneers on the front 6 teeth with the whitest or second whitest shade possible.  Veneers would be great because they would be highly stain resistant, which would prevent the need for whitening/bleaching years from now.

Answer to question 2 - If you don't like your upper jaw being back that far, I would recommend dermal fillers in your upper lip to give your mouth the appearance of a more forward jaw.  I would not recommend grafts.  

Answer to question 3 - It is possible to do a soft tissue graft of your gum tissue to make it look fuller, but I would definitely not recommend this for your case.  I would only recommend some bright white, fuller and bigger porcelain veneers.  

Veneers are what I do, so follow me to ask more questions.
Sarah Thompson, DMD

Sarah Thompson, DMD
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More than just volume

Angelina does have a beautiful smile! Our smiles, even when our lips are closed, depend on the other anatomy surrounding our teeth – jaws, bone, facial profiles, etc.) In order to change how the lips lay on the bone, the bone must orthodontically or surgically be repositioned.

Michael Tam, BDS
Australia Dentist

How to Get Angelina Jolie's Smile.

An amazing smile like Angelina Jolie's is a mix of the right size and shape teeth, the right sculpting of the gums around the teeth, and of course, how the lips bring it all together. An unforgettable smile like that is powerful.

You have some great questions about is it possible for you to get a similar result. The answer is that you are uniquely different, so your best smile may not exactly be Angelina's, but it is possible to have your smile improved so it's unforgettable.

First, find the best cosmetic dentist you can. You are going to want a very precise result and you will need a cosmetic dentist who can create great porcelain veneers, as well as has a great team in case you need gum grafts or braces.

One great place to start with cosmetic dentistry is to consider having a computer smile simulation made. You can give your list of what you want changed, he can make the simulation, and then you both can look to see if that's what you want BEFORE you start any new work. In some cases it can be done with veneers.

If you get a simulation that you are happy with, then you may be able to have a mock up made. This can be done by laying some temporary veneer material right on your teeth. Then you can preview it from many different angles to see if it fits you and suits you.

At that point, your cosmetic dentist can tell you what steps it will take as well as what your costs will be. Some journeys are as simple as adding some veneers to the front of your teeth. Some can be quite complex involving braces and gum grafts as well. 

In the end, if you FEEL like Angelina Jolie, and you feel like the world looks at you like you have her smile, then you've achieved what you are looking for. That's the power of great cosmetic dentistry!

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