Is it possible to have "no prep" for porcelain veneers on me? (photos)

I want more teeth when I have a slightly open mouth & when I smile.

My 2 front teeth have slightly chipped for the 2nd time. My main concern is preserving my own teeth!** I prefer to keep things as natural and low maintenance as possible. Should I opt for a different option than veneers? I am a singer and want natural looking smile! I'm considering juvederm for lips but can longer teeth push my top lip outwards for a fuller appearance? I'll whiten before veneers, is zoom a good option for "Hollywood" color smile? Thank u all for taking the time! U rock!!

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3 different things

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There are 3 different things here, one is that you have 2 teeth chipped, this can be restored with resin, but there is a big chance of getting it broken again. Lumineers, can be the option, that is the one that has the less enamel removal. Second, you want teeth more white, any system in the market can help you achieve this, Third, making your lips more bulky, its nothing to do with teeth, the have their own size, the lips you can fix it with a filler with the plastic surgeon.  Hope this helps.

No prep #veneers...

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No prep porcelain veneers are commonly referred to as Lumineers.  I would personally not recommend them for your case because you have slight alignment issues.  Also, Lumineers are extremely thin, which is helpful because they require no prep of your teeth, but can be a negative because they are more likely to chip or come off.  Just to give you some idea of the difference, I give a 10 year warranty on veneers done by me, but I give only a 1 year warranty for Lumineers done by me.  This is because the longevity of the Lumineer mainly depends on how well the patient takes care of it.  Veneers require minimal tooth prepping, but are much more durable.  I would recommend that you consider veneers on your front teeth.  You should expect them to last 2 to 3 times as long as the warranty that I provide for them, which would be 20 to 30 years.  Veneers are stain resistance and you can get them as white as you want.  No prep veneers are notorious for coming off or chipping.  
Good luck with whatever you choose and feel free to follow me to ask more questions.
Sarah Thompson, DMD

No Prep vs. Traditional Veneers

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No prep porcelain veneers are limited to cases where the teeth are small and there are spaces between them. They are used by some doctors in a variety of cases other than those stated above, but aesthetics are compromised many times when tooth preparation is avoided.  In addition, the traditional veneers (especially Emax) are much stronger than no prep (Lumineers and others).  In your case, traditional veneers would be a much better fit for you.  Your existing teeth are wide to begin with,  so not preparing the teeth would make them look really bulky.  By using some preparation, you new smile could be softened with Emax veneers and be much stronger.  Hope this helps.  

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Is it possible to have "no prep" for porcelain veneers on me?

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Like anything in life, no-prep veneers have several advantages and disadvantages.  Certainly, they preserve the most about of tooth structure, but work best when the teeth are small or spaced, and there is no wear or chipping of the teeth.  Also, because they have to be the thinnest possible, typically dentists use a type of porcelain called "feldspathic" porcelain.  And unfortunately, this is the weakest of all porcelains used for veneers.

It would be my recommendation that you use a material that is strong and can be made very thin, and thus you would benefit from having some prep, but not as much as typical veneers.  This type of preparation is called "minimal prep" and the strong and thin porcelain I would recommend is "Emax" porcelain.

Zoom is an excellent bleaching method, however almost everyone can benefit from additional at-home tray bleaching, even if you had zoom.  However, you must wait a minimum of two weeks after any teeth bleaching before the dentist can assess the tooth shade to match your bleached teeth, and also a two week wait enables a stronger bond of the veneers to the teeth compared to immediately bonding them after teeth bleaching.

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

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