Can You Take Anabolic Steroids While on Accutane?

I got bad acne from steroids but its clearing up nicely now and was wandering if I could run the two together, I'm 5 weeks into my accutane course at 40mg ed

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Anabolic steroids and Accutane

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I'd be hard pressed to tell you it's a good idea to take anabolic steroids any way, but you should absolutely not take them if you are on Accutane. It's a bad combination and could damage to your liver.

Accutane and Anabolic Steroids

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Thank you for your question. The contraindicated medications while on Accutane are Vitamin A supplements, Tetracycline antibiotics, Progestin-only birth control pills, Dilantin, Corticosteroid medicines, and St. John's wart. However, I would not suggest restarting steroids as your acne may recur. You should be off of any underlying triggers if you want to improve acne.  I hope this helps.

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