Will 2 Weeks of Isotane Treatment Work?

I just had my acne treatment (emla) and My doctor gave me 15 capsules of isotane to use for 2 weeks. I afraid my isotane treatment wont work well and gave me bad side effect. I have very bad comedone that deep inside my skin face. I just had laser treatment (" Comedone + Emla " sth written on my prescription), and my dermatologist said i have a lot of comedone deep inside the skin. He gave me 15 capsules of isotane. I've came across a lot of reviews and most of them were on months to years of treatment, yet some of them had good results and some of them bad result. I am wondering, is 2 weeks of isotane will make my acne gone away?? and will i get side effect from that?? I am taking 10mg isotane daily. Thanks

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2 weeks of isotretinoin

Taking isotretinoin for 2 weeks will absolutely not cure your acne. You stated you're taking 10mg, which is a very low dosage so the effects will be even less. Most people require a few months to a year with low dose Accutane, so do not expect much to happen within your two week timeframe. It is impossible.

Effective Accutane Treatment

Thank you for your question. For Accutane to be effective there is a goal dosage that must be met based on your weight over several months. The usual treatment course is about 5 to 6 months. This short course of 2 weeks will be adequate enough to resolve your acne. Be certain to be under the supervision of a board certified dermatologist with expertise in acne for the most effective and safe treatment options. However, you will have to refrain from laser treatments during your course.  I hope this helps.

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