Can areola size and shape be revised after breast lift and augmentation?

My areoles are all over the place the photo speaks for itself one is oval shaped and is not centred and sits higher and is larger then the other which is more round but has been cut awkward like there is chucks missing if after 3 months this don't settle can a revision be done to make them more even and if so HOW is a revision performed ? please answer my question as best as you can how is a revision on areoles performed ?

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Lowering an areola

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is possible but not without significant scarring.  I wouldn't say you've bottomed out but your L areola is simply too high.  If you could handle more fullness in your upper poles, you could attempt repositioning your implants upwards to normalize the L side and then elevate the right side when you are healed and everything is stable.  If your upper poles are where you like them (as they do appear level), you can choose to have the lower one brought up for symmetry (but it would create a funky look and they would stick out above most bikini tops/bras) or you could lower the left one with the inherent scarring.  Yours is a challenging problem

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Can areola size and shape be revised after breast lift/augmentation ?

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Thank you for your question and photo. The short answer is yes, you can have a revision. Unfortunately, your problem is more than just areolar asymmetry. Your left breast already bottomed out, both nipple areolar complexes were repositioned too high. This is a difficult problem to fix. You will need another breast lift surgery and change from a vertical lift to an anchor lift. Need to wait at least six months before you consider a revision. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon, he/she can go over details when and how to do it. If there's loss of trust, seek a second in person opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck.

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