Surgery to Make Almond Eyes Rounder?

one of my eye is almond the other is round it looks assymetrical i really want to get the almond one rounder i heard of eye opening surgery to make eyes more rounder from the bottom but i dont know what kind of surgeons will be the safest to perform such thing? plz help would be much appreciated

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Surgery to Make Almond Eyes Rounder??????

The first thing I would suggest is for you to be evaluated by a specialist in eyelid surgery.  When you actually point out which eyelid you prefer and for what reasons, you might find that you are not really asking someone to make an almond eye into a round eye.  Terms are sometimes confusing

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Surgery to Make Almond Eyes Rounder

Yes there are surgeries to do this BUT WHY? Plus you did not post a photo to see if we could comment on the appearance of your eyes and the lateral canthal area. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, 305 598 0091

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No such surgery actually exists.

Eyes are made "rounder" in a number of ways.  Generally this is an undesirable and unintended consequence of eyelid surgery.  In particular rounding the shape of the lower eyelid could mean a number of things to a knuckle headed surgeon who offers to perform this type of disfiguring surgery for you.  At best, it should be considered experimental surgery.  As such you cannot have any reasonable expectation that such surgery will make you happy or remotely achieve the desired results.  I would recommend that if you choose to persist in finding a surgeon for this that you get a number of opinions and this should include a detailed exploration of precisely what is bothering your sense of aesthetics.  

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