Allergies Worse After Rhinoplasty?

I am just shy of three weeks past a revision.. I first thought all the sneezing was a cold... (sometimes two or three times in a row) but now I am experiencing burning in and around my nose too.... and intense itching.... I have had allergies in the past ... but never this bad... does this procedure make allergies worse? is this just temporary?

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Rhinoplasty would not make allergies worse

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Rhinoplasty can disrupt the inner lining, of the nose during the acute post Rhinoplasty healing phase but would not be able to alter the immune response that's responsible for allergy symptoms.  Check with your surgeon or allergist for treatment during the post op Rhinoplasty phase.  Perhaps you are allergic to some medication or nasal spray?

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3 weeks post-op

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You must also consider the possibility of an allergy to the topical ointment you are using inside your nose

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Allergy worse after rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty can make allergies worse.  Swelling can paralyze the little hairs (vibrissa) that sweep away mucous and debris.  Inflammation can make your natural mucous membrane barrier incompetent, which can lead to worsening of allergy symptoms.  Sometimes a short course of nasal steroids (or even soothing salt water) can help.

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