I am considering Halo for wrinkles from sun damage and smoking around the mouth and chin area, is this the best procedure?

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Yes the Halo is a great option for sun damage and peri-oral wrinkles. The Halo reverses UV damage and induces collagen while pulling the pigment to the surface. The ablative layer will help with the take a layer of the skin off. This will leave you with smooth, fresh skin. Even after one treatment you will notice a difference in the texture and fine lines.

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Halo for smokers lines and lines around mouth

Halo certainly will address these lines but is more effective for texture, pigment and crepey lines.  I love Halo and the fact that the recovery is so quick and it can be used on most skin types.  If you have the correct skin type(lighter tones) and more down time capacity, I would love to talk to you about Infini, Profractional FX and full field erbium treatments as well.  These give greater results albeit with more downtime. So I use Halo for those with limited downtime and ultimately try to work them up to more aggressive treatments over time.   Halo is a fantastic entry level ablative fractional laser treatment for everyone.

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Halo for Wrinkles and Sun Damage

Hi and thank you for your question!

Halo is a GREAT treatment for treating sun damage, lines and wrinkles, skin texture, pores, etc. As far as whether this is the best treatment for you will depend on several factors including the severity and depth of the lines. You most definitely will see improvements in all of these concerns. However, if the lines are severe, you may do better with Sciton’s TRL Contour laser (full field resurfacing). This can have dramatic results in one treatment. Also, fillers can really help these concerns, as well.


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