I use Albuterol as I need it. Can I use it before Tummy Tuck surgery day?

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Asthma and a tummy tuck

  • Use your inhaler as you need to.
  • Tell your plastic surgeon about your asthma,
  • The the anesthesiologist as well in the pre-op interview,
  • If you have had a recent asthma attack, your surgeon may want your asthma doctor to clear you for surgery,
  • Bring your inhalers with you to the OR. They may want you to use them right before surgery.

Albuterol the morning of surgery

Dear lizol25g,

Typically anesthesia providers will have patients use their inhalers on the day of surgery. However, It is always best to check with your surgeon and their anesthesia team on the medications that are okay to take on the day of surgery.  Hope this helps!

Albuterol use on the day of tummy tuck

A thorough history should have been given to both your Plastic Surgeon and your anesthesia provider.  They should let you know which medications to take on the morning of surgery.  If not, then ask your anesthesia provider.  It is always a good idea to bring your inhalers on the day of surgery.

Best of luck,

Albuterol and TT

Most anesthesiologist will recommend you stay on your inhalers and use them the morning of surgery. Check with your anesthesia provider but they are not a contraindication.

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Using asthma inhaler before surgery

I always advise patients to discuss this with the plastic surgeon and the  anesthesiologist as different inhalers can have differing effects on the anesthesia.  It is always a good idea to bring the inhaler along in the event that you need it after the procedure.  Hopefully, you have reported to your plastic surgeon, on the medical intake form, that you have asthma and use an inhaler when necessary.

I use Albuterol as I need it. Can I use it before Tummy Tuck surgery day?

I suggest you consult with your plastic surgeon and anesthesiologists about any medications or allergies you may have prior to surgery. Best of luck to you!

Asthma and plastic surgery

Thank you for your question. This is one for the anesthesiologist.   Make sure you share you allergic triggers with you plastic surgeon to be prepared on the day of surgey. I see no reason why you cannot use your inhaler on the day of surgery, but you should always make sure your check with your surgeon ahead of time. Good luck. 

Albuterol use before surgery

First you should check with your surgeon and then with your personal physician. In general, in my experience, the anesthetist will have a patient use their inhaler immediately before the procedure. Don't use it without permission but take it with you to surgery. Good luck.


Hi lizol25g.  I suggest you ask your plastic surgeon about taking albuterol and any other medications prior to your surgery.  Good luck.

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Albuterol before a Tummy Tuck

Thank you for your question. Typically just prior to your surgery you will have a pre-op (History & Physical) visit at your surgeon's office. You should recieve instructions at that time regarding which meds you may safely take on the morning of surgery. Additionally you should bring your inhaler with you the morning of surgery and discuss its use pre-operatively with your Anesthesiologist.

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