At what point will the swelling and hardness formed after Chin Liposuction go away?

I had chin liposuction done about three weeks ago. The area under my chin is still very hard and swollen. Unfortunately, my doctor did not mention anything about compression for the area, nor did he provide a garment. Is there anything I can do to reduce the swelling? Will it stay like this and should I be concerned?

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Chin Liposuction Aftercare: compression, hyperbaric oxygen, Venus Legacy

I suggest all my patients to wear the neck compression 24 hours a day for 3-5 days after the procedure.  To speed up healing, you can try hyperbaric oxygen and Venus Legacy radiofrequency treatments. It can take a few months for swelling to subside. If you are concerned, contact your Dr.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Chin liposuction

In duration secondary to liposuction can take 8 weeks to improve.  The numbness can take up to a year to resolve.  During the time of healing aggressive massage every night for 10 minutes using a moisturizer can help expedite the process.


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Chin liposuction

Swelling will typically last 6-8 weeks and that hard, lumpy feel can last 3-4 months--so try to be patient.  I usually place a chin strap for compression for 2-3 days and then continue that at night for 2 weeks or so.  Typically compression will not help that much this far out.  Everyone has a different protocol, you may still have a very good result.  Good luck, Jane 

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