Will I Age Faster if I Use Accutane?

i'm a 26 years old girl and i am considering using Accutane for my acne. i don't have very severe acne but i have almost all the time 1 to 3 painful pimples around my face. i want to know if Accutane will cause a premature aging to me since it dries the skin and since it affects the sebum glands (i have read that they become smaller after using Accutane). i am looking forward for an answer.

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Will I Age Faster if I use Accutane

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Accutane does not make you "age faster". Sun damage does. So if you want to use Accutane, which is a fantastic medication, it's important to make sure you use sunscreen every single day (which you really should do anyway).

Accutane and Aging

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Thank you for your question. If your acne is not severe you should not use Accutane. You should consult with a board certified dermatologist as Accutane is reserved for severe cystic (big painful pimples) acne. Your dermatologist could also prescribe topical medications and recommend face washes for prevention of acne as these would be safer options. If your acne cysts are painful they can also be injected with medication to reduce the inflammation and help with the pain.  I hope this helps.

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