Affordable rhinoplasty in Long Island, Queens, or NYC?

I would like to finally get this procedure done, but would like to go to an affordable doctor that won't botch the job? By affordable I mean less than 6K. Is this possible or wishful thinking?

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You need to be seen first -- what is reasonable - no one knows -- I have seen prices out there from 5K - 12K for nasal surgery -- it all depends on how much you need to have done, sometimes the youngest most inexperienced surgeons charge the most money for surgery and the best most experienced are more reasonable.

You need an in person consultation first.

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Rhinoplasty cost

In addition to other answers (surgeon cost, anesthesia, facility), if you have any degree of nasal obstruction, your insurance may pick up part of the cost. You need to undergo an evaluation by a specialist to determine this. At the end of the day, your decision should be driven by surgeon's quality and less by the cost considerations, as it may cost more to deal with complications of rhinoplasty. Good luck,

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Rhinoplasty cost

Good question. Cost is generated by numerous factors: surgeon fee, OR and anesthesia fees. There may also be local regional issues as well. Find an experienced board certified rhinoplasty who makes you comfortable with the plan. Cost perhaps shouldn't be the first factor here. Good luck!

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Cost of a rhinoplasty

Its best shop quality, not price and get it done right first-time. After all, this is your face and the nose is the most prominent feature on your face. The cost of her rhinoplasty is driven by 3 factors which include the operating room, surgeon and anesthesia fees. Our price list and rhinoplasty photo gallery are located on the link below

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Affordable rhinoplasty in Long Island, Queens, or NYC?

This site contains listings for many doctors in those areas. Some of the websites of those surgeons have estimated prices as well. Some offices will provide price information over the phone as well.

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