Using Accutane Without Mupirocin?

I have had acne for almost 10 years now. I have tried everything and am tired of bad skin. I started Accutane this week and was prescibed mupirocin ointment along with the accutane.

From what i have been able to gather, this is not a topical treatment that should be used for a long period of time. Should I just continue with the accutane and not take the Mupirocin?

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Talk to your dermatologist

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I have been prescibing Accutane since 1983, and do not use Bactroban (or its generic) routinely. I find this unusual and suggest you speak to your prescribing dermatologist. It is likely in case you get scabbing of acne lesions, but why use an antibiotic before you need it? There are other, better ways to prevent crusting.

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