Will Taking Tretinoin Prior to Accutane Help in Avoiding that Initial Accutane Breakout?

Hello, I am about to take accutane, for the past few months I have been on tretinoin .1% as well as minocycline and clindamycin. I have been doin this cycle of medication for so long it's starting to not work, my acne is scarring,plus my dr doesn't want me on antibiotics anymore! Do you think the fact I used all those medications prior to accutane will prevent an initial breakout on accutane (or at least make it less severe)?

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Accutane and flares

If you have white clogged pores under the skin (closed comedones), they should be extracted before starting Accutane since they may become inflamed and cause an initial flare.  Tretinoin cream may have already helped dissolve them.  I have patients stop minocycline for 1 month before starting Accutane to prevent any interaction between the 2 medications. 

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Regimens prior to Accutane

Often times I have patients do a short course of topicals and antibiotics prior to starting Accutane. For some patients this helps them avoid a breakout at the beginning of taking Accutane, and for others it doesn't. Unfortunately there's going to be no way to find out unless you just try to start the Accutane. Overall, Accutane is the best medication to treat and control acne. I don't think there's anything out there that works as well.

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