Accutane is a Good Option for Seborrheic and Oily Face? What You Recommend?

I tried accutane 1 year ago 40mg daily for 8m and all the oil of my face has gone but now after 1 year all that oil and blackheads are comming back. Im on retin A 3months but I dont see any change. I was thinking in asking to my dr for a logn term regimen of accutane in low dosage. Its possible to take it for long periods in low ammounts like 4 years , someone had try that? Can i use Clean Ac to moistiruzer my face,im affraid to put oily stuff on it. i dont use any moist and its very dry

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"Dry skin" that is oily

I agree with Dr. 

Rueckl.  I would like to add that what appears to be dry skin to you may actually be the scaling that is associated with seborrhea and not in fact dryness.  The scaling is a result of the chronically inflamed seborrheic skin and can be treated with topical medications that decrease inflammation.  Consult your dermatologist.  I too am a big fan of very low dose long term Accutane for some patients.




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Options for seborrheic and oily skin

I do have patients (males or females who are not childbearing only) who are on long-term Accutane regimens that take a pill or two a week, for a long time. This is possible, if you physician allows it and recommends it. The other thing I would say is to remember that trying to dry out your skin and keep from applying moisturizer actually sends your oil glands into overdrive, so that could be making your skin actually more oily and worse!

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Accutane for Seborrheic and Oily Face?

Thank you for your question. Accutane is indicated for severe cystic acne. If your face is oily and you have acne there are other options besides Accutane including topical, a short term course of oral antibiotics, or photodynamic therapy. There are side effects with long term Accutane use. Be certain to be under the supervision of a board certified dermatologist with expertise in acne for the most effective and safe treatment options. I hope this helps.

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