A New Dental Crown Doesn't Fit Properly and Was Not Placed. Should a New Impression Be Taken?

the lab adjust the original crown for a proper fit and will it be long-term?

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Do all crown adjustment require new impression

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All adjustments do not require new impression.

If you do not trust your dentist to do the right thing and you are questioning him, you might have to find one that you have trust in. Once your treatment is completed get a second opinion about the work and get your mind at ease. 

Orange County Dentist

A New Dental Crown Doesn't Fit Properly and Was Not Placed. Should a New Impression Be Taken?

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While crowns are done routinely in almost every dental office every day, they still require a very high precision to give a great long-lasting result.

Almost any dental office can have a crown not fit right at the seating appointment. The fact that they sent it back to the lab to have something modified is a good sign. Sometimes it requires a new impression and other modifications do not need one.


At this point there is no reason to believe that any of the long-term fit would be compromised. Feel free to ask your dentist what the issue was and express your concern out loud that you wonder if this episode will affect the results. A good, communicative practice will spell out for you what the issue was and why they sent it back to the lab. They'll also re-establish your confidence when they go to finish this crown.


Take a New Impression for a Dental Crown

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If the crown was not fitting correctly along the margins then a new impression should be taken.  If there is a problem with the contact area between the teeth and more porcelain is needed then a new impression may not be needed.  It all depends on where the "fit" was not correct

Brian Dorfman, MD, DMD
Phoenix Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Crown Ajusted for Fit

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If the lab adjustment was tightening an open contact between teeth then it is possible for the crown to fit and be a good solution.  Otherwise,  the crown should more than likely be remade with a new impression.  An x-ray can show an open margin on a crown.

Sarah Roberts, DMD
Atlanta Dentist

Treament For An Improper Fitting Crown

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If I am understanding correctly, your dentist recieved a crown from the laboratory that was deemed to not fit correctly.  In this situation a new impression should be taken and sent back to the lab.  The lab should use this impression and make a new crown.  This should take care of the issue.  Hope this helps.

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