Upper and lower crowding: Am I a good candidate for Invisalign? (Photo)

I have crowding on the top and bottom. I am missing my 1st molar on both sides of my mouth from root canals gone wrong. I am just wondering whether I would still be a good candidate for Invisalign even though I have that spacing where my first molars were.

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Will Invisalign solve crowding issue? Yes.

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Hello there, 
In looking at your pictures, I think that you would be a great candidate for Invisalign with an experienced cosmetic dentist or orthodontist.  

Your bottom teeth will likely need some IPR (inter proximal reduction), which is when a cosmetic dentist carefully reduce the width of some of your crowded teeth, making very small spaces between them.  Those spaces will then be closed as your teeth turn and move into those spaces.  The end result is a perfectly straight row of teeth that is much less likely to relapse after Invisalign is completed.

Your top teeth will likely need no IPR because the missing spaces from you 1st molars will allow you more room for you teeth to move into place.  Once your Invisalign is completed, it will be very important for you to get a bridge on each side to prevent your teeth from relapsing very quickly.  

Good luck with your Invisalign and don't forget to follow me.  Take care.

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