Can Rib Cartilage Graft on the Bridge Be Removed?

I had revision rhinoplasty 6 months ago, and it was horrible. I am now considering removing the rib graft on my nose bridge. Can it be done?

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Removing rib graft from previous rhinoplasty

The rib graft can be removed from the bridge of the nose, but it is important to wait one year to make sure all the swelling has subsided to ensure a proper decision is made. Sometimes the rib graft can be taken out, shaved down and placed back into the nose for a partial augmentation. This is done under a general anesthesia.

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Rib grafts in rhinoplasty can be revised

Rib grafts in rhinoplasty to build up the bridge of the nose can cause unexpected problems. Any visible graft under the nasal skin can show imperfections or irregularities not apparent at the time of surgery, and rib cartilage can warp or shift, or the correction may have just been too great from the start.

If the result is indeed 'horrible' there is no need to wait out the six to twelve months usually set aside for complete healing. If you trust your original surgeon he may be glad to have a second chance to set things right. If not choose wisely as secondary rhinoplasty can require a bit more than average experience.

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See a revision rhinoplasty specialist.

 It can be removed but you should have a discussion with a revision rhinoplasty specialist to decide what you will need to properly correct the problem.

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Removal of Rib Cartilage Graft after Rhinoplasty

Of course, the rib cartilage can be removed. 6 months is a reasonable time to start assessing the end result. Although you are not at the end of the healing, you are probably 90% there...

Removal only will most likely not be the answer. I assume that additional reconstructive nasal alteration have to be undertaken for a balanced appearance and functional nose. Consult with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to evaluate your condition and talk to your surgeon.

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