Mini Tummy Tuck Straight After C-section?

I've had slack skin since giving birth ten years ago, I'm due to give birth again in January. I haven't gained any extra weight, but I'm thinking of asking my doctor for a mini tummy tuck straight after having a C section. My slack skin has depressed me for years. What do you think? I live in Scotland, and was told another local lady had this done after giving birth.

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Mini-tummy tuck after c-section.

I know it sounds convenient to have this all done and behind you.  However, you should definitely wait for at least 6 months after giving birth before having any procedure on your abdomen.  The skin an muscles need to contract so that a proper plan can be made.  Be will be worth it!

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Not a good idea

Having your obstetrician perform a "mini tummy tuck" is probably a bad idea unless your obstetrician is also a fully trained board certified plastic surgeon. 

Good luck!

A Tummy Tuck at the Same Time as a C-Section

While an appealing idea, additional surgery of any kind at the time of a C-section is never a good idea and is reserved for extreme and emergent situations. Combining a C-section with a tummy tuck of any kind results in higher complication rates and results are not as good as when the abdominal skin has had a chance to shrink back down. This is usually 3 to 6 months after your pregnancy.

I hope that helps.

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Brian Windle, MD
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Mini Tummy Tuck immediately after C-section

Mini tuck is a great way to rid of loose skin below the belly button area. However, we DO NOT recommend any kind of cosmetic surgery of the abdomen during C-section. Its better to focus on your baby. After you have recovered from the pregnancy, look for a qualified plastic surgeon and book a paid consult.
Experience, training, and results matters a lot during mini tuck. Non Plastic surgeons (cosmetic surgeons) tend to charge less than Plastic Surgeon.

Do your research and find a real Plastic Surgeon and book a paid consultation. Free consults are just a sales pitch and does not work in your best interest.

Below are other criteria to use when selecting a Plastic surgeon.

Questions to ask (Answering NO is a big red flag)
1) Are you a plastic surgeon? (Do you know difference between cosmetic surgeon & plastic surgeon)
2) Are you board certified in Plastic Surgery?
3) Will the procedure be performed at a fully accredited procedure room or ambulatory surgery center
4) Do you have hospital privilege to perform liposuction and tummy tuck? Which Hospital?
5) Do you offer complication insurance (it does happen, it better to be safe)

The most important decision is to do your homework well. Good luck.

Stanley Okoro, MD
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Wait a few months

My best recommendation for you would be to wait a few months after recovering from your C-Section. You want to be alert and attentive to your newborn child and having a tummy tuck after surgery may limit you to a few mommy duties that will need attention. I would recommend you focus on your new baby while allowing your body to heal from the c-section and then consult with a surgeon. Congratulations on your new addition!

Dr. Kouros Azar

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Best to wait months after having your last child.

Thank you for your question. This question comes up frequently in my practice.

I do not recommend any sort of tummy tuck procedures whether it is a full tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck at the time of childbirth or even immediately thereafter. It is best to wait several months to allow the intra-abdominal uterus to return to its normal size. Additionally, the skin will retract significantly on its own. My recommendation and the recommendation of a majority of my colleagues is to wait for months or even up to a year after having your last child before undergoing a tummy tuck operation.

I hope this helps.

- Dr. Bryson Richards

Mini Tummy Tuck Immediately After C-section?

Although this technically could be performed, it's best to wait to have a tummy tuck. Your body will undergo changes after the delivery and it's best to wait until your body has finished changing. Once you have reached a stable weight, a mini or full tummy talk, could be performed. In person consultation with a plastic surgeon will help determine the best procedure for you.

Tummy tuck after C section

Knowing that the body will go through significant changes after a C-section means that whatever changes you obtain  by having a simultaneous surgery may be lost in the ensuing months. Wait several months until you are stable and then have your tummy tuck. 

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Abdominoplasty Following C Section: Need to Wait

Performing a C-section and abdominoplasty together is probably not advisable for a variety of reasons.  The post pregnancy period is characterized by rapid anatomic changes which make the analysis of the abdomen very difficult.  Tummy tuck surgery should therefore not be under taken until post pregnancy changes have stabilized.  Proceeding prior to six months after delivery might result in an increased incidence of revisional surgery.
In addition, early abdominoplasty is associated with higher complication rates for multiple reasons.  Immediately following pregnancy patients may have enlarged blood vessels within the abdominal wall which might increase the potential for bleeding.  In some cases their metabolic status may be unstable and they may be anemic due to blood loss at the time of delivery.  In other cases bacterial contamination might occur during delivery and result in an increased number of infectious complications.
Finally, the emotional trauma of delivering a baby and simultaneously undergoing abdominoplasty may be significant.  Caring for a newborn in the early post-operative period would be difficult to say the least.
Based on these considerations we feel that C-sections and abdominoplasty should be staged.  If you are considering abdominoplasty, consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon would be an appropriate next step.  Your surgeon will most likely advise not having an abdominoplasty until you are fully recovered from your C-section.

Tummy tuck immediately following C-section

My recommendation would definitely be to wait at least 6 months following your C-section before having your tummy tuck.  Changes which normally occur following childbirth such as muscle tightening and skin retraction may impact the work which actually needs to be done.  While having everything done at once may sound appealing, ultimately a great result is what you desire.  Find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has performed hundreds of tummy tucks and schedule a consultation.  Ask to see as many before and after photos as possible of other patients who are similar to you in size and weight.  Ask questions and make an informed decision.

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