How Long Does It Take for Fat Injections to Settle?

I had fat injections with 22cc's between both cheeks 3 months ago. My face was very swollen the first 2 weeks before it slowly started to subside. It looks great now except the upper portion of my face has a wideness to it. Doctor recommended massaging the high/wide points, saying fat will still be re-absorbed at 3 months.

My cheeks seem to have retained most of the fat. Or is it absorbing fat very slowly? I'm concerned about the wide angles to my upper cheeks. Will this go away as the fat settles? Thanks.

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Fat grafting in cheek area

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Significant facial swelling can be seen for 1-2 weeks after your procedure. A complete resolution of all swelling should be apparent at 2-3 months. However true facial definition (such as in the thinner areas of the face) can take several months to completely reappear based on how long ago you had the grafting done, and how much fat was actually transplanted and survived.

It’s best to consult your surgeon with any concerns as they will know exactly how much fat they grafted and if and when you should be worried. Also, be sure the surgeon you choose for procedures such as fat grafting is Board Certified, experienced and performs fat grafting procedures regularly.

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Fat Injections

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Your surgeon is right.  It will be about 4 months from your surgery before we can say what is there is going to stay.  So until then the fat will remodel and change and resorb.  So sit tight, things are still changing.

Good luck.

After fat injections, you see the final result in 4 months.

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Depending on the technique used, between 50% and 80% of the fat injections or fat transfer become permanent.  22 cc's is quite a bit of fat.  So I hope a good bit of it atrophies.  You will know in 4 months.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Fat Injections to the face

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Fat Injections to the face are a nice way to augment the face and help improve an aging face. Over augmentation usually subsides because of fat dissolution. Massage certainly is helpful in removing excess fat secondary to rupturing the fat cells, and death to the fat cells.

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