Causes and Treatment for Enophthalmos

I'm 18 and have enophthalmos. It didn't happen drastically but have been developing over the pass few years. The part of my eyelid and eyelashes near the nose sink inside and disappear. When viewed from the sides my eyes are far from the nose. It wasn't like that when I was young. My eyes were 'poppy'. Its not genetic because my parents don't have deep set eyes.

Could it be loss of fat behind my eyeballs that cause them to sink into the sockets? If that's so how to bring back the fat to push them back to their position?

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Many causes for enophthalmos

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Hi Poring

there are many causes for enophthalmos all leading to volume depletion in the orbit. You might have silent sinus syndrome where there is a negative pressure build up in the orbit causing enophthalmos. You should start by getting a CT scan of the orbits to assess the reason why this is happening then would like need some form of orbital volume augmentation (sheet like implants on the floor of the orbit) to push the orbital contents up and forward.

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Enophthalmos correction

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Treatment for you is difficult to determine without seeing your picture. However, enophthalmos can be corrected with a variety of treatment ranging from breaking the bones around the eyes to make them more symmetric to placing bone grafts underneath the globe to raise it increasing the symmetry. Make sure you see someone who has performed this operation before, specifically craniofacial plastic surgeons. Good luck!

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