Safe and Effective Chemical Peel for Under Eye Area?

I just had my first glycolic acid peel (20%) for the under eye and felt a slight burn. But after that, nothing realy happened. The doctor said she will be using more concentration every time, but I wonder if it works at all? I have a fair skin and "some" pigmentation and fine mechanical wrinkles under eyes when I smile. Nothing severe, but I feel less elasticity of skin under the eyes. How effective would be 8 treatments of glycolic acid peels, starting at 20% conentration, and increasing it every time?

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Safe chemical peel depends on how dark your skin is

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Dear Eazarafs

Chemical peels are all about trade-offs (most things are). There are no free lunches. The deeper, more dramatic results with chemical peels can be associated with alterations or even loss of natural pigment. Increased pigmentation can also be stimulated. On the other hand a 20% glycolic peel will do absolutely nothing for lower eyelid skin wrinkles.

For deep olive skin however, one must be very concerned about the effects of the peel on natural pigmentation. I have done 35% TCA peels on very dark skin. Yet even this treatment may do little to improve lower eyelid lines. The risk in going with a stronger agent like phenol 89% is permanent skin depigmentation. This risk is not worth taking.

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Multiple glycolic acid peels for under eye creases may work

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Trust your doctor. If they feel that 8 progressive glycolic acid peels are what you need, then that is probably a good estimate. You can always increase into the TCA peels later if needed.

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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