Would Sleeve Gastrectomy be the safest weight loss surgery for me? (photos)

I want to know what is best for me I am 5"4 270 or more and I have lost weight in the passed and I am trying now to lose its hard to lose the amount of weight I would like for my height so I thought about surgery to help I just dont know whats the best one for me I dont want to take pills for the rest of my life and I dont want a big scar on my tummy and I dont know if I really need it but I want to keep the weight off for good I also want a bbl

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Safest weight loss surgery procedure

The Lap-band is considered the safest least invasive procedure but can lead to more problems down the road. The gastric bypass is considered the most risky procedure. The sleeve gastrectomy is between these two procedures in risk. I recommend you discuss all of the risks, benefits, and alternatives of all of the various procedures with your surgeon.

Long Island Bariatric Surgeon
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Safe surgery

i think that sleeve gastrectomy is a very safe surgery. All ones have some risks but are less that you decided to continue with your obesity. Remember that obesity is not just a condition, obesity is a dissease.
Lap ban have less risk but more complications in long time. Bypass  is more risk that others but more effective.
Sleeve gastrectomy here in Dominican Republic is the most practice surgery, with a mortality rate in 2012 of 0.2%.

Pablo Garcia, MD
Dominican Republic Bariatric Surgeon
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